15 YO Dubai Boy Owns Shoes Collection Worth 7 Crores And Has Friends From Bollywood & Hollywood

You know what’s the biggest lie in this world? It’s “Money can’t buy you happiness”.


The truth is money can buy you anything and there’s no point living and not earning for yourself. And if you still lack motivation to earn money then take an example from the lifestyle of this 15-year-old boy Rashed Belhasa.

Dubai based Rashed is an extremely popular Youtuber and Instagrammer who was born with silver spoon and money spinner mind at the same time.

He is an entrepreneur already and successfully runs his own clothing brand. His YouTube channel “Money Kicks” has more than a million of subscribers and Instagram is getting there.


Rashed who is the son of Emirates most successful billionaire entrepreneur Saif Ahmed Belhasa is also famous for his family farmhouse which houses many exotic animals like Tiger, Lion, Leopard.

The farmhouse is in fact so famous that many Hollywood & Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, The Game, Akon, Messi, Niki Minaj have visited it.


Rashed who is super rich also keeps a passion for shoes. He has a collection of shoes of almost 1 million dollars i.e. Rs 6.5 crores approx.

A look into money kicks closet. Personally, I like the pair Stephen Curry signed. Which pair do you like?

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You can also watch the video here.

Although Rashed is born rich as the net value of his father is $2 billion, he believes in making money on his own. His family owns many many luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, Bently, Mercedes and so on and he rides in his Yeezy Boost inspired Caddillac Escalade.

Take a look at the video of Salman Khan watching the video of his Ferrari.

You can also watch the video here.

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