DC/WB and Fox are one in the same. If Sony isn't careful they will regress as well… |TTI

I honestly don’t know how many times it’s gonna take to get people to realize this. So far I’ve been actively against anything Faux Marvel (Fox produced films using Marvel characters) ever since I left Days of Future Past with a bad taste in my mouth.

Watching the onslaught of wacky news freefall on my feed has been confusing, sad, and almost laughable. I’ve gotten to a point where like the news of politics, you have to ignore it until unfortunately it is too late. ‘Cause that’s how we do shit in America. We make something and invest everything into it and tell everyone it’s the hottest shit since the sun and when it lets everyone down we spend the rest of our lives convincing everyone they were wrong.

One of the hardest things I’m finding as someone trying to break into screenwriting is being a fan. Like a hardcore fan. That’s all I’ve been my entire live. A Marvelite first and collector second. A lover of DC Animated and a buyer or their products. Marvel Studios is my church and being a comic book fan is my religion.

So what do you do when a studio you are pitching your material to keeps fucking up your favorite characters and titles? I’m still trying to figure that out honestly.

Recently I have decided to just keep moving forward and be true to myself and my opinion. I’ve been getting critiqued my whole life and as a fan and creator I got the right and obligation to do the same.

And that’s all I’m doing. It goes without saying these studios and actors are doing hard work. WE GET THAT. It still is subpar. It still can be better.

Look we know that a real creator/artist thinks they can do it better until they see the version they want made by someone else.

It’s not that they make bad movies. It’s that Marvel Studios makes better films. Fox can give you the greatest film they have ever made and it would equate the shittiest film Marvel Studios has ever made.

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