Arizona investigates Google's location tracking practices |TTI

Google is reportedly under the scanner for tracking user location in Arizona. If there is evidence against the search giant, Google might be subjected to a hefty fine for violating user privacy.

The investigation sparked out of recently verified allegations that Google collected users’ location data even when they believe they have opted out of such tracking, The Washington Post reported.

Google had clarified back then that the location data is aimed at providing useful services to the people such as relevant search results and traffic predictions. The company stressed that it tells users about the tools that use location data and allows them to turn them off. As the latest case goes live in Arizona, Google may be seeing a fine of up to USD 10,000 per violation. 

Google is also rumoured to debut in e-commerce from India around Diwali. Chances are this might instantaneously transform the e-commerce sector into a super-interesting battlefield.  How? “It will be a game between Google, Amazon and Walmart-controlled Flipkart,” say experts. Currently, Amazon and Walmart (Flipkart) control over three-fourths of the $20 billion e-commerce segment.

And having big players is a good thing, feels Mary Turner, CEO at “Today, only 1% of all retail transactions in India are online, compared to 17% in the UK and 16% in China. So there is an opportunity for more growth. ” The Indian e-commerce sector is set to touch $100 billion by 2020, as per industry estimates. And it will take a competitive turn with three American behemoths battling it out.

What more? Google’s e-commerce foray could put pressure on existing players in terms of higher customer acquisition costs and providing a great shopping experience backed by latest of technologies, says Divyesh Patel, co-founder, Turing Analytics.  “Existing players may not be paying huge attention to aspects like recommendation engines and the search experience. They will be forced to optimise on these aspects if Google pulls this off.” 

Though Patel believes Google does have an edge in terms of technology platforms, the existing e-commerce giants will shine in terms of their strong supply chain and customer support. 

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