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Many a time, a new hire develops an impression about the organisation based on his experience during the onboarding and induction programme.

Onboarding at ThoughtWorks begins much before the joining date: New hires are invited to office events, given relevant reading material and welcome kits and are also provided with a point of contact.

An onboarding buddy, often drawn from the same project, is assigned to every new hire.

Some of the books shared with the new hires are Extreme Programming; User Stories Applied for Agile software development; and Agile Testing.

SAP Labs hosts a ‘Fresher’s Day’ for newly-recruited campus graduates even before they formally join them.

They are invited to the campus, and the company meets their travel and accommodation expenses.

SAP mascots take them on a tour of the campus.

Vikram Solar, a solar energy solutions provider, follows a “5-5-5 process” where the first five is a five-day drive by the talent acquisition team. The managing director of the company meets with the new hires every month at the ‘Coffee with MD session’.

A factory visit is one of the highlights of the Siemens’ introduction programme.

The new hires are taken around the factory at Kalwa in Mumbai. Siemens has 24 recruitment programmes in a year and there are 40 to 45 people in each batch.

At Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT), gamified sessions based on the ACT model are conducted for the new hires. Through these sessions, they learn about expected organisational behaviour and are introduced to employee safety modules.

Under an initiative called ‘First Impressions’, one-on-one interactions with various teams are facilitated.

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